Our Services

UK or Far East?

We take pride in retaining injection moulding projects

within the UK. Several projects have been retained or

brought back into the UK by our consulting. We can

quote for toolmaking manufactured in the UK or EEC,

which is usually a similar cost to the far east toolmaking

which usually attracts a premium from an agent and 

of course the shipping cost which offsets any potential



Advise on Tooling:

Advise on tooling and design options can save

substantial amounts of money when experienced input

is employed. Phone us early on.


Problems With Moulding:

35 years of troubleshooting together with production

management expertise can be drawn on to assist this

field. Often the advise prior to cutting steel can be

substantialy beneficial, this is when you need to call us.


We have a wide range of experience in processing:



NYLON 6, 66,11,12.




PVC. etc.